Mizuno - Wave Momentum 2
We’re super proud to support Mizuno once again and be a part of the campaign promoting their Wave Momentum 2  –  a sleek and modern design, now infused with MIZUNO ENERZY technology, designed to provide volleyball players with comfort and stability during impactful landings, a theme we explore throughout this video. 

We were responsible for creating the final video, and all CG animation.


Agency: Paragon Projects
Client: Mizuno


Producer: Shaughnessy McNamara 
Director: Richard Allen
Cinematographer: Robert M. Berger NSC

Animation Studio: SuperBlimp

Art Directors: Antonio Milo & Fabrizio Fioretti
Animation Director: Antonio Milo

Editor: Antonio Milo
3D Artists: Fabrizio Fioretti, Francesco Buttarelli, Antonio Milo, Iskander Mellakh,
Compositors: Fabrizio Fioretti & Antonio Milo

Music: Artlist.io
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